Maes Jonker is a Belgian, family owned business offering a wide range of tools for industrial machining and cutting operations. The company was founded over 50 years ago. In that time we acquired extensive experience and expertise in the field of cutting tools.
Our direct service range is situated in a radius reaching from the Netherlands, over Belgium and into France.

The use of quality and well maintained cutting tools in your production processes levers productivity and improves finishing quality. High level machining means that cutting tools are operated in the right conditions and suitable for the for the materials to be processed. There are a lot of influential factors, not in the least the human factor.
Make sure you are correctly informed, and get advice from our competent specialists. Your cutting and machining problems are our core business.


Our product range includes saws, routers, drills, knives (straight, profiled and circular) and clamping tools. We keep an extensive stock of top brands such as AKE and JSO, allowing us to quickly provide you with high quality tools for cutting and machining.
These stock products are complemented with unique, in-house developed and produced Maes Jonker Solutions (Bombastic ®, MJ planning cutters, TC insert tooling, Profiling cutters …). Also for these products a quick response and high quality is assured, combined with the required swiftness to solve your specific cutting problems. Our specialized engineering department and state-of-the-art machinery allow us to develop and produce the perfect tool solution for your needs.
Maes Jonker pioneered in Belgium with the introduction of diamond tools (PCD Polycrystalline diamond)). Today we are still on the top and a reference for all diamond tools. Next to diamond, we also provide cutting tools with Hardmetal, Tungsten Carbide (Widia), HSS, Jonalloy (stellite-like Co-Cr-W alloy) and various tool steel cutting edges. For each application we can advise what is the most suited cutting material.


As technology evolves (CNC, automated and robotised machines) the demands on the tools increases. A good finishing quality for multiple materials and increasing feed rate’s are demanded,… We will help you to make the best choice for your application.
In some cases trial and optimization is needed to determine the appropriate tool configuration and operation parameters. We are well equipped to provide this service, , a clear advantage over other competitors..
On top of providing you with the right tools, Maes Jonker also provides a precise and qualitative regrinding service. Grinding has become more than craftsmanship. Maes Jonker is equipped with high-tech machinery operated by skilled specialists.


Our expertise in cutting applications covers a wide application domain. We have a long tradition in tools for the processing of solid soft and hard wood, wood composites such as fibre board, chipboard, MDF and plywood covered with melamine, HPL, Formica, synthetic materials , veneer, sidings, etc.
Aluminium, in the context of machining, could be considered to be between wood and steels.
Different phenomena occur when processing non-ferro or ferrous metals. Some of these phenomena, such as various types of wear and corrosion, can be improved by application of miscellaneous coatings.
Maes Jonker also offers solutions for the processing of plastics, polymers and glass fibre or carbon fibre reinforced composites. We provide tools for both rough processing such as recycling and finishing processing such as sawing, milling, drilling and machining.
A distinction has to be made between thermoplastic and thermo hardening materials, as well as between dry and wet machining.
Cutting of paper, cardboard, rubbers and foams such as insulation material and PUR also requires specialized cutting materials and geometries. Contact us, we will be happy to help you out.