• Sawblades (HSS, Tungsten Carbide (HardMetal), Diamond PKD, Band saws…)
  • Drills (hole drills, countersinkers, Step drills…)
  • Cutters (with shank, cutters with bore, Tungsten Carbide tipped or Diamond PCD,
    Cutterheads with interchangeable knives or inserts)
  • Knives (Insert knives & regrindable knives)
  • Toolholder systems (bushings, arbors, CNC toolholders e.g. HSK , rings, fllanges,…)
  • We provide a full range solutions from low-cost to high-end tooling solutions.
  • Next to being for decades distributor of well known brands e.g, AKE, we also offer
    unique own developed Maesjonker solutions.


  • Consultancy and project assistance (process analysing, design, and execution…)
  • Engineering for specific applications.
  • Regrind and repair shop (Regrinding, EDM electric discharge machining, retipping,
    balancing, adjusting…)
  • Logistic service (delivery service)
  • Express service: special custom made tooling with short delivery time. MaesJonker
    has state of the art productions equimpent. Your specials our standards.


  • Testcentre and lab
  • Materials testing and trials, exploring the most suited operation parameters, Research
    in the field of machining.
  • Determination of the best operation conditions demands a multidisciplinary approach
    of: Human interaction, machine condition, operating parameters and in depth knowledge
    and understanding of materials behaviour.